Marketing at Conferences and Events

Events, trade shows, conferences and even concerts reside in a category of their own from a marketing standpoint. Certain marketing strategies, which you will discover below, work better at corporate events and concerts than in any other setting. With these in mind, thinking about planning the next cool event of the year might require a change in your marketing approach.


Offline Marketing

When advertising an event or a conference, you should never ignore offline marketing. Offline marketing is not the same as traditional marketing approaches, such as print, media and TV. Offline simply means that you are not leveraging the power of the Internet and the reach of mobile devices. Instead, you are relying on location, venues and customer interaction.

Here are some offline marketing tips for your next event or conference:
– Special Night: invite all sponsors, speakers, members of the press and influencers for a special night right before the event. This is your chance to strengthen bonds and discover new ideas. On the big day, people might refer to the special night you had, and that will definitely lead to better cohesion and a more improved overall experience for everybody.

– Vehicle Marketing: this new concept of vehicle marketing refers to renting a special vehicle (or more) and branding it with your event information. Hire a few people, dress them with personalized t-shirts promoting your event and have them distribute flyers in parks, malls and in other places where you know your target audience is spending time.

– 3D Outdoor Screens: if you want to be unique, invest in 3D outdoor screens (an example of such is, place them near your event venue and distribute amazing photos and videos from previous events.

Online Marketing

When it comes to online marketing for your event, conference, concert or trade show, you have a wide range of advertising options. As a full-time marketer, I can give you tens of examples. From paid advertising using Google AdWords, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads and YouTube TruView in-stream ads to free advertising on social media, SEO and blogging, your options are practically limitless.

When advertising online, it is important to focus on your target niche. For instance, if you are planning to organize a corporate event, then advertising on LinkedIn and Twitter is your best bet. If you want to organize a mainstream event or a conference where certain people can attend, use Facebook’s power to your advantage, combined with Google display Ads, YouTube ads and mobile ads.

Here are some practical approaches you can take to promote your event or conference and to spread the news to your target niche:
– Compelling description: make sure all the information on the official website or landing page, as well as social platforms, is accurate and up to date.

– Create an event on Facebook and promote it via Facebook Ads

– Add speaker bios and photos to your promotions. For instance, create a post on Facebook that contains information about the speakers and promote it

– Create simple video interviews and distribute them on Facebook and YouTube

– Create brand-awareness campaigns on Google AdWords, on both search and display networks

– Create a display remarketing campaign on AdWords and convince people to sign up at your event

– Send constant emails and reminders

– Link to other people, get affiliate partners and go mainstream


Event marketing is something beautifully rewarding. Gather your whole marketing team and spend a few hours fine-tuning the best marketing strategies for your next cool event.