The World’s Most Popular Shows

There is a tremendous growth in the number of people that attend trade shows. This has made the idea of trade shows an international affair. A trade show, also called a trade fair, expo or trade exhibition is an organized exhibition that allows companies of a given industry to demonstrate and showcase their latest services and products, study rival activities, meet with industry clients and partners, as well as examine the most recent market opportunities and trends. In many instances, these popular shows are attended by members of the press and company representative. Below, you will learn about some of the most popular shows in the world and what to expect from them when you attend. If you want to learn more about trade show industry you can visit Exhibitor 2013, the site full of useful information about trade shows, exhibiting, and marketing on these events.

The Top Six International Trade Fair/Shows

This are trade fairs that are attended by people from all over the world. They include:

India International Trade Fair

This is the largest trade show/fair around the globe. It was incepted in 1980 and is organized by India Trade Promotion Organization. Usually held on 14-27 of each year, the show brings together manufactures, importers, traders and exporters. The products displayed here include coir products, garments, automobiles, jute, household appliances , sporting goods, engineering goods, textiles, bodycare & health care products, electronic sector, telecommunication, toys, power sector, furniture confectionery, chemicals, cosmetics, processed food, pharmaceuticals, beverages, kitchen appliances, and home furnishings.

Indian Show

Comic-Con International: San Diego

In the world, the show forms the largest comic book trade. Founded in 1970, the fair is held in June and lasts for four days (June 21-24). During the event, events and conventions that celebrate ongoing as well as historic contribution of comics to culture and art are presented. Comic Con International as a nonprofit educational corporation is aimed at creating appreciation and awareness for comics and other art forms. It hosts fictional characters, actresses and actors. It also showcases science fiction related film, primarily comic books, similar popular arts, fantasy novels, animation, toys among others.

Cosmoprof Bologna

This trade show held in March forms the words largest cosmetic and beauty trade air. It’s a business to business trade show showcased In Italy. It forms an international platform for the wellness and beauty industry. It showcases, Natural Products, perfumery and Cosmetics Hair and Nails Contract Manufacturing, Raw Materials Machinery, Packaging, and Beauty and Spa.

Guangzhou International Lighting Show

It provides details on the latest developments in the lighting and electronic industry. Its held at Pazhou Complex each year.

Consumer Electronics Trade Show

The Las Vegas annual event host technology buffs and electronic experts. In the America, CES show is the largest trade fair of any kind while in the world, it is the largest in the consumer technology. Manufactures and developers get to show their products.

The E3 Expo

It’s called the Electronic Entertainment Expo. If you have a video game and computer company, then this is the trade show for you. Most product launch, debuting of ground breaking technologies and sharing the future about video games and other products is done here. Developers and manufactures use this event to define the year ahead. The event is held annually in Los Angeles during the month of either May or June.

What to Expect When You Attend a Trade Show

As you prepare to attend your next show in your preferred industry, the points below are what you should expect.

Meeting Interesting And New Contacts

While in the show, the personal interactions and links you create tend to have long term benefits. These contacts can help you not only get a buyer then but also a potential partner. When you meet and directly talk with a person, he or she is likely to remember you brand as compared to one whom you threw a sales pitch at.

Expect It To Be A Long Term Investment

The returns on the money, efforts exerted during preparations, and time in most cases are not felt immediately. You need a strict follow up on all that were interested in your materials and design. |With time you develop stronger business relations.

Expect To Sell More and Less of Your Set Estimate

You can never predict how much you will sell during a show, so it’s good to plan in advance how you will move on if your design, service or product isn’t positively received.

Expect to get detailed feedback about your products.

Be keen about customers are reacting to your good, the language they are using, gestures among others. This will give you a hint about their indifference and enthusiasm about these products.


If you are interested in exhibiting, it’s necessary that you get to learn about the different trade shows within your industry and make reservations for booking space in advance. You have to ensure this is done in advance so you could prepare for the exhibition and get to enjoy the benefits of exhibiting on a given trade fair.